Sunday, November 20, 2005

Zarqawi Dead? Kos Kids React

The White House unfortunately calls the report of Zarqawi's demise "highly unlikely" but it has already caused a conniption among those on the Left.

Here are some of their comments:

"I've always thought Zarqawi was so useful to the admin that he must be a CIA asset or a complete fiction."

"A key to the Bush propaganda is the demonizing of "evil doers". Osama, Saddam, Zarqawi, Zarahiri, Sheik Mohamed etc."

"Who cares ? He bounces from 36% to 39%, big whoop!"

"Americans seem to have the desire to have an evil mastermind behind everything."

"This would be awfully convenient for Bush. Coming off of Bush's disastrous poll numbers, Reid's demand for accountability and Murtha's withdrawal proposal."

"Few people here believe he exists, or at the very least, that he's responsible for what he's said to be responsible for."

"In other words, he's almost certainly not a big wig in the insurgency like they claim he is, he probably hasn't done a third of the things they said he did, and he wouldn't be dead unless he's outlived his usefulness (perhaps connected to the capture bomber in Jordan) as a foil against insurgent popularity which during the siege of fallujah reached dangerous levels."

"Cause to Rejoice: Bush and Cheney doing the perp walk, in handcuffs. Anything else is just meaningless theatre."

"We empowered Zarqawi. He would be squatting behind rocks in Afghanistan (or running back and forth between Afghanistan and Pakistan) but for our clueless leader."


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