Friday, September 30, 2005

Are BBC journalists on drugs?

This might explain a few things:

"A week after exposing cocaine use at London fashion week parties, Evening Standard newspaper on Thursday revealed use of the drug at the Labour conference.

According to the newspaper, tests inside the party conference showed traces of cocaine were found close to parties thrown by major political players, media outlets and lobbying groups such as the BBC, Bloomberg Financial Services, the Guardian, Manchester Airport and the Social Market Foundation."

GOP Vixen: "Are we really surprised at the BBC and Guardian? Because oftentimes one watches or reads their reports and thinks, "Wow, whoever wrote that must have been smoking crack..."

GOP Vixen: It's snowing at the Labour party!

Video - Intense Video of Madrid train bombs exploding

I dont know how long the link below will last, but all I can say is "WOW". Shocking footage. I've not seen it aired on American television ever. Keep an eye on the people running from the back. They dont appear to make it.

This would help remind people who we are fighting.

Video - Intense Video of Madrid train bombs exploding

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Gaggle 9-29-05




Wednesday, September 28, 2005

ESPN NFL Power Rankings week 4

Colts #1, Patriots #2, Eagles #3. Texans are dead last. - NFL - Power Rankings week 4


"Some sufferers of Bush Derangement Syndrome have grown tired of Fourth Reich analogies. They've Moved On to embracing NY Rep. Charlie Rangel's comparison of President Bush to Bull Connor."


Political Teen has the video of Bill O'Reilly making Charlie Rangel look pretty dumb. Okay, really super extremely dumb.


Tuesday, September 27, 2005

NYT ignores Jim Bernhard - The Shaw Group link

Tom Maguire is raising some questions.

JustOneMinute: They Call This A Correction?

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The Beeb, the War and Mother Sheehan

Via: Biased BBC


Gwyneth Paltrow keeps crypts | The Superficial

Hitchens is god!

Anti-War, My Foot - The phony peaceniks who protested in Washington. By Christopher�Hitchens

GOP Vixen: al-Zarqawi's No. 2 killed in Iraq!

"So let's get this straight -- while a bunch of dimwits marched in D.C., claiming that Bush is the terrorist, homicidal militants are freedom-fighters, Iraqis hate us as their oppressors and that we should jump ship and abandon the country ASAP ... our military men and women joined forces with the Iraqis to take out al-Qaida's No. 2 there. And a tip from an Iraqi citizen -- one of many, no doubt -- proved invaluable."

GOP Vixen: al-Zarqawi's No. 2 killed in Iraq!

Gallup: By 3-to-1 Public Sees Liberal Over Conservative News Media Bias

Gallup: By 3-to-1 Public Sees Liberal Over Conservative News Media Bias |

Monday, September 26, 2005

Shiite Teachers Slaughtered In Iraq

"The teachers — all Shiites — were killed as people were leaving the elementary school in Muelha, a village near the town of Iskandariyah (search), police Capt. Muthana Khaled said. Muelha, about 30 miles south of Baghdad, is in a predominantly Sunni area of Iraq.

The five men and their driver were snatched off a minibus as they were leaving the school, Khaled said. All six were then taken back into a classroom, lined up against a wall and shot to death, he said, adding that nobody else was in the room when the killings occurred."


US Special Forces Kill Al-Queda No. 2

Great news!

U.S. Special Forces Kill No. 2 Terrorist in Iraq

U.S. Special Forces killed Al Qaeda's No. 2 terror mastermind in Iraq, Defense Department officials say.

FOX News has confirmed that Abu Azzam, who was believed to have been in charge of the financing of terrorist cells in the war-torn country, was killed during a raid in Baghdad Sunday. Azzam is thought to be the top deputy to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, Iraq's most wanted terrorist.


Sunday, September 25, 2005

Will you go to prom with me? (And dance and dance and dance...)

The internet is becoming a very dangerous place.

No offense, no victory, no points

Metros' streak ended as Revs score late goal

Saturday, September 24, 2005

"Bias narrative posing as objective reporting"

Protein Wisdom breaks down the AP's report of today's anti-war protests.

Anatomy of an anti-war puff piece

"Big" anti-war protest in DC

C-SPAN is carrying it live and I've been watching it on and off all day.

One thing I keep hearing from the various speakers is the hysterical "100,000 dead" meme. I'd be suprised if there are many people who still actually believe that statistic, including, I think, the people who are using it.

The crowd seems pretty small and the current speaker is blaming the low turnout on Amtrak.

UPDATE: Organizers are claiming 250,000 participants. From what I saw I'd be suprised if it was 1/10 that size.

UPDATE #2: Gateway Pundit has more.

No grasp on reality

An actual post I read on the BBC Messageboard:

"If you know anything about Saddam's capture you'll know that the crawling out of the hole was stage managed.

But then you dont have a grasp on reality, youre a GW supporter."


First post! Testing.